Once Upon a Christmas Owl

Written by Daisy Bird

A Bit Lost meets A Stone Sat Still in this tender and moving story.
Once upon a Christmastime, all on her own in the midst of a deep, dark, whispery forest, there lived a very little owl. Everything around her was big and scary, but she felt safe in her hole up high in her pine tree.

Until, one day, something changed. This picture book is inspired by the true story of a little owl, nicknamed Rocky from upstate New York, who was found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Through the misadvantures of this misplaced tiny bird who was rescued and released back into the wild, the book is an invitation to reflect on the impact humans have on the physical environment as well as on the many displaced people in the world who find themselves disoriented in their new surroundings.

Like Rocky, they too must learn to survive, and hopefully thrive, in their new habitats.

Press review

– “Cet album est un délice, les illustrations sont particulièrement réussies et les pages qui changent de sens nous permettent de voyager avec le décor et la petite chouette. C’est un régal dont il ne faut pas se priver au pied du sapin et avant bien évidemment. A découvrir et offrir à tous les enfants et à leurs parents.”

Les Sandals d’Empédocle Librairie Jeunesse


France: Saltimbanque Editions, Fall 2022

Italy: Fatatrac, Fall 2022

Germany: Ueberreuter, Fall 2022

Korea: Tokkiseom, Fall 2023